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  • What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?
    Direct Primary Care is like a modern healthcare approach that takes away the fuss. Instead of juggling with insurance for your usual medical needs, you simply pay a direct fee to your chosen primary care doctor. It's as if you have a special pass to your doctor, making your healthcare personal and easy to reach. Picture it like being part of a health and wellness club led by your trusted physician, and it comes with clear, budget-friendly costs. The aim? To simplify and bring transparency to your healthcare expenses.
  • If I have a good insurance, why would I pay a membership fee?
    Having health insurance doesn't guarantee you have access to quality healthcare. Insurance can often hinder the doctor-patient relationship when you need a dedicated family doctor. It imposes limitations on your time with the doctor, dictates where and how you receive medical care, and controls the costs through co-payments and high deductibles. Traditional practices, burdened by a high number of patients, often allocate limited time per patient, making you feel like just a number. In contrast, Direct Primary Care (DPC) ensures uninterrupted access to your family medicine doctor without fretting over extra charges for essential services. You're not just a number; you have all the time needed for thorough and personalized care, putting you back in control of your healthcare experience. It's about having unrestricted and meaningful visits with your doctor, fostering a genuine doctor-patient relationship.
  • As a member, do I still need to have insurance?
    While having health insurance is not a requirement for our membership, we advise maintaining health insurance coverage to handle major medical needs like hospitalizations or specialist consultations.
  • How can Direct Primary Care save me money?
    The great thing about Direct Primary Care (DPC) is that it also helps you save on your health insurance costs. Let me explain how. You can choose cheaper health insurance options that often come with higher deductibles. Many of our members go for these plans and use the money they save on premiums to cover their DPC membership. With DPC, you get unlimited visits, no co-pays, and access to more affordable labs and imaging. The savings really add up, making healthcare more affordable and higher in quality compared to traditional insurance. It's a win-win situation!"
  • What if I don't have insurance, can I still join?
    Absolutely! Direct Primary Care (DPC) is the perfect solution for those without insurance. It's a game-changer in saving you a ton, especially if you were to fall sick and needed urgent care, a trip to the ER, or even a visit to a self-pay doctor's office. DPC has got your back and your wallet covered!
  • If I'm healthy and only see the doctor once or twice a year, is DPC worth it?
    Yes, without a doubt! Consider the money you'll save if you were to fall ill and needed to rush to the ER, urgent care, or even a regular doctor's office and pay out of pocket. With Direct Primary Care (DPC), your doctor is there for you, accessible through email, phone, or text. You can snag same-day or next-day appointments, whether you prefer a face-to-face visit or a virtual one. It's all about adding that extra layer of convenience to your healthcare, ensuring you're covered whenever you need it."
  • Do you accept Medicare and Medicaid patients?
    Not at this time. Dr. Awad unfortunately can't accept Medicare, Medicare-eligible, or Medicaid patients currently. But the good news is, we're working on it! We're in the process of getting all the paperwork sorted with the government so we can extend our Direct Primary Care (DPC) service to Medicare and Medicaid patients in the near future. If you're keen, we'd love to have you on a waitlist. Just reach out to us, and we'll make sure to keep you updated as soon as this service becomes available for you.
  • How much does membership cost?
    Great question! To get all the details about membership costs, simply head over to our pricing page on our website. We keep it simple with a flat monthly fee. In return, you get a fantastic package - unlimited access, sweet discounts on labs and imaging, direct access to Dr. Awad via his cell phone, and a whole array of other awesome benefits. It's about making healthcare easy and accessible for you!
  • What does the membership fee cover?
    Our membership fee covers a wide array of primary care services. You get top-notch primary care through office visits and telehealth, and the best part? No co-pays involved. This includes annual wellness exams, sports and school physicals, care for chronic medical conditions, follow-ups, basic office procedures, and quick treatment of acute illnesses with minimal waiting time. Need an appointment? We've got you covered, offering same-day or next-day slots for our valued members. And that's not all! The fee also covers direct communication with your doctor, whether you prefer reaching out via phone, text, or email. It's all about providing you with comprehensive and accessible healthcare."
  • Are labs and imaging covered under membership?
    No, labs and imaging like X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs aren’t covered under your membership. However, we’ve got something special for you. As a member, you will get access to discounted pricing on labs and imaging, and you might find it’s actually cheaper than going through your insurance. It’s about making things affordable and accessible while taking care of your health needs.
  • Why is there an enrollment fee?
    The enrollment fee is a one-time payment designed to cover the essentials. It handles the starting costs and the regular medical supplies we'll need during your membership. Additionally, it supports the time we dedicate to thoroughly reviewing your medical history, ensuring we're up to speed with your health background. Consider it as a little groundwork to ensure we're all set to provide you with the best possible care.
  • What if I decide to cancel my membership?
    No worries at all! We understand that Direct Primary Care might not suit everyone's needs. If you feel it's not the right fit for you, just let us know with a 30-day notice, and we'll sort out the cancellation of your membership. Rest assured, there's no cost associated with canceling your membership. Your satisfaction and comfort are important to us, and we want to make sure you're always in control of your healthcare choices.

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