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Grace Health Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a modern and patient-centered approach that combines the convenience of today's healthcare with the values of old-fashioned medicine. It allows you to establish a direct, ongoing relationship with Dr. Awad, bypassing the complexities of traditional insurance-based systems. This means you have unhurried, personalized appointments where Dr. Awad truly gets to know you. With a transparent, monthly fee, you gain unlimited access to comprehensive primary care services, including preventive care, chronic disease management, and urgent visits. No surprise bills, no insurance hassles – just a focus on your health and convenience. Plus, at Dr. Awad's practice, there are no waiting rooms or long waits in the exam room. Your time is respected, and you'll receive prompt, efficient care that suits your unique needs.


In Grace Health Direct Primary Care (DPC), patient panel size is limited, which ensures easy access to the doctor and more time spent in the room with Dr. Awad. This personalized approach allows for in-depth discussions of your health concerns and tailored healthcare that truly puts your well-being first. Moreover, you'll have the flexibility to connect with Dr. Awad in person, over video, through a phone call, or even via text, ensuring that your healthcare is accessible and tailored to your preferences. For urgent matters, rest assured that same-day or next-day appointments are readily available to meet your healthcare needs. Importantly, patients will consistently see the same provider at each visit, ensuring the quality and continuity of care that you deserve.

Why Grace Health DPC is different?

  • Members can contact Dr. Awad at any time via text, email or phone

  • Same day or next day appointments for members

  • No waiting rooms

  • Zero wait time 

  • No co-pays

  • More time with your doctor

  • Discounting pricing on labs and imaging

  • Smaller number of patients = more personalized care

  • Transparent/upfront pricing

  • Hassle-free primary care


Conventional Medical Practice

  • Access to your physician is limited to business hours

  • Limited appointment slots

  • Long waiting times on day of visit

  • Expensive co-pays

  • Rushed appointments

  • Long waits at the pharmacy for medications

  • May see a mid-level provider during busy clinic days

  • Services billed at high rates to maximize reimbursement from insurance companies

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